2 projects open at Dag van de Architectuur – 2013

BOGDAN & VAN BROECK will be present on the “Dag van de Architectuur ’13” organised by the VAi (Flemish Architecture Insitute). The theme of this edition is “Flourishing Landscapes”:
“Is Flanders becoming one big park city? Do all urban gardens together match the power of a nature preserve? Are high-rises the best solution for the lack of affordable land for development? How can a factory be combined with a shopping district? Is the next step after the green roof the vegetable-garden roof?” (VAi)

Two of our projects will be open to the public: the brand new VUB U-Residence in Brussels (official opening on 11th of October) and, in collaboration with Stad en Architectuur Leuven, the project Centrale Werkplaatsen in Leuven.

Please check the following links of Dag van de Architectuur for more information and reservations:
VUB U-Residence: open to the public from 10h – 18h, with guided tours at 14h and 15h
Centrale Werkplaatsen: open to the public from 10h – 18h, with guided tours at 14h, 15h, 16h

(Reservations for the guided tours are free, yet compulsory!)

Welcome to all!