On Belgium’s Transition Plan

“Long live suburbia!”, shout the apostles of the car, not realizing that the urban sprawl, together with deforestation, intensive farming, and agriculture are the parents of COVID-19. For some, COVID-19 has brought back linear thinking, making us forget about other challenges and how connected they all are. The question is not how to separate, but how to start sharing with other living creatures on the planet. Back to nature means reducing our ecological footprint. For that to happen we need long term thinking and systems thinking. 

BOGDAN & VAN BROECK was founded on the idea of solidarity on a global level, born out of hope for a common future that offers new possibilities for mankind to fulfill its needs and aspirations while improving the condition of the planet. Today, more than ever, everything we have been saying, writing, designing and building is capitalized by Leo Van Broeck, as a member of the “Resilience Management Group”, in the plan for the transition to a sustainable and just society. Find out more in an opinion written by Oana Bogdan for the Romanian architecture review Zeppelin: https://e-zeppelin.ro/en/beyond-resilience-antifragility-belgiums-plan-for-the-transition-to-a-sustainable-and-fair-society/

Date: 05.07.2020