The Cosmopolitan in Revista Zeppelin – 2020

The Cosmopolitan is featured in the bilingual (RO/EN) Spring edition #157 “Together and alone. Housing models” of the architectural magazine Revista Zeppelin.

In the words of Stefan Ghenciulescu: “Housing buildings in the centers of European cities (and beyond) are rapidly transforming into offices, Airbnbs, hotels, etc. The Cosmopolitan project goes in the opposite direction: a former office building becomes a block of flats, which also integrates services – commercial spaces or offices – at the first two levels. Today, when for most of the construction sector sustainability translates into materials, systems, gadgets, the operation we are talking about primarily targets another kind of sustainability: reuse instead of demolition, densification and land economy, adding housing to the city center (thus reducing peri-urban traffic, urban and social activation, safety).”

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Date: 22.04.2020