BOGDAN & VAN BROECK is excited to announce the completion of the study for the Gaasbeek Castle.

Together with aNNo architecten (heritage architect), Atelier Veldwerk in collaboration with Arne Deruyter (landscaping) and Koen Van Synghel (scenography), BOGDAN & VAN BROECK was entrusted the study for the masterplan of the Gaasbeek Castle. The realisation of this masterplan is estimated at €12,5 million, focussing on the visitor’s experience of the magnificient heritage by means of an integrated scenography and by taking the readability and accessibility of the Castle to an unprecedented level.

More info on the masterplan will follow soon!

As it goes on the website of the Castle:
“Gaasbeek Castle is located just outside Brussels amidst the gently rolling hills of the Pajottenland. The medieval castle had an eventful past and evolved from a strategic stronghold into a spacious country house. One if its most famous owners was the Count of Egmond. The current building was redesigned in Romantic style at the end of the 19th century thanks to the eccentric Marquise Arconati Visconti. She decorated the castle as a museum to house her vast art collection and played it like a historical theatre setting. The dream castle which was created at the time is still a bit of a time machine.”