Special mention from the jury for The Cosmopolitan! – 2021

We are honoured to announce that our project The Cosmopolitan has received the special mention of the jury. The award ceremony for the International prize for the transformation of offices into housing was held yesterday evening at the Maison de l’architecture Ile-de-France.

This biennial prize, organised by the Maison de l’architecture Ile de France and the Greater Paris Investment Agency was awarded to the architectural firm La Soda and the project management firm IMMOCADES for their project “Logements collectifs : Les Cèdres”.

Through the International prize for the transformation of offices into housing, the Maison de l’Architecture Ile-de-France and Greater Paris Investment Agency aim to highlight an outstanding example of the conversion of offices into housing, in terms of architectural quality and innovative use. The goals of this prize are to promote the project owner and the project manager by highlighting exemplary projects, to facilitate the dialogue between the various parties involved in the project (client, architects, engineers, construction companies), to encourage the development of innovative architectural thinking and to make elected officials aware of the interest they have in benefiting from a living and renovated building.

Date: 21.10.2021