Sarah Poot @ Cycle Projet Urbain – 2020

On 28.10.2020, BOGDAN & VAN BROECK was invited by the University of Liège to reflect upon our project Bijgaardehof in Ghent, the largest co-housing project of the country. This event takes place within the “Projet Urbain” cycle of conferences organised by the University of Liège, the Haute Ecole Charlemagne, the City of Liège, Liège Labville and GRE Liège.

In this webinar, Sarah Poot approaches the notion of “urban project” through the prism of the role of the architect and the convictions underlying the practice of BOGDAN & VAN BROECK, she discusses the challenges of co-creation at such a scale and takes a critical look at the new housing models (especially co-living) and their implementation in the spatial, social and economic context to which they respond.

Watch the full presentation here.

Date: 28.10.2020