Reflect: Who we are – 2022

As a next step in the rebranding process we started last year, hereby a glimpse of the insights gathered by Hye Studio through one-on-one interviews with everyone on the team, along with some of our clients and partners.

We value learning, openness, diversity, integrity, engagement, aspiration, innovation.

We believe that:

– cities are the most sustainable places to live in.
– architecture is a tool for improving the way we live together in cities.
– crossing scales, from people to planet, should be a conscious choice.
– architecture and urbanism should be caring and human.
– collaboration is key.

The future we strive for is about collaboration for the common good, architecture as a canvas for life and in dialogue with the public space, quality of urban space, affordable quality housing for all, land used as a common resource, existing buildings as a valuable asset and new buildings with an optimal footprint. 

Some of the things that matter to us were acknowledged by clients and partners too: practising architecture for people, being engaged, inspiring change, focussing on quality and professionalism, having a strong sensitivity for the urban context, continuously improving concepts and processes, or ‘this very beautiful openness’, which made our hearts melt.

Thank you to all those who contributed so far with great energy and openness to this introspection about who we are, and who we thrive to be!

Date: 10.05.2022