Our proposal for ULB will be part of the exhibition – 2024

On Tuesday 12 March at the ULB La Cambre Horta Faculty of Architecture, the opening of the travelling exhibition “Ces lieux où apprendre l’architecture” will take place, organised by the Institut Culturel d’Architecture Wallonie-Bruxelles in partnership with the faculties of architecture in French-speaking Belgium. 

What kind of place is the right one for learning architecture? Since 2013, the four faculties of architecture have taken it in turns to ask themselves this question as they build their new showcases. Various competitions have been launched and a total of fifteen projects have been put forward to answer this question. All these proposals, including the one &bogdan, are presented in this travelling exhibition, which will be on show from March to June in Brussels, Tournai, Mons and Liège. This exhibition will be accompanied by four conferences. 

13.03 – 10.04 : Faculté d’Architecture de l’ULB La Cambre-Horta (Place Flagey, 19 à 1050 Bruxelles)

18.04 – 13.05 : LOCI Faculty of Architecture, Architectural Engineering and Urban Planning (Rue du Glategnies, 6 à 7500 Tournai)

17.05 – 03.06: UMONS Faculty of Architecture and Urban Planning (Salle Bélian – Rue d’Havré, 88 à 7000 Mons)

07.06 – 28.06 : Faculté d’Architecture de l’ULiège (Boulevard de la Constitution, 41 à 4020 Liège)

Date: 12.03.2024