Operational Aesthetics @ Civa – 2017

Conducted jointly by the contemporary architecture department of CIVA and Mathieu Berger (doctor of sociology and professor at UCL), the exhibition Operational Aesthetics is a research on the policy of Neighborhood Contracts in Brussels, which will soon celebrate its 25th birthday. Operational Aesthetics looks at the origin and development of this policy encouraging urban revitalization in Brussels, as well as the operational phases that have accompanied it – both in terms of urban planning and architecture.

Thursday, December 14, inaugurates a series of four evenings during which 12 architecture, urban planning and landscape offices will be invited to present projects developed within the framework of the Neighborhood Contracts. They will discuss this experience in parallel with other projects they are doing elsewhere, differently or in other administrative procedures.

Our project Truss – run with love and care by Emilie Bechet and Thomas Willemse, and our partners Util & Enerdo – will be exhibited as part of this research, among hundred of others!

Time: 14.12.2017 | 18:00
Location: CIVA Kluisstraat 55 Rue de l’Ermitage – 1050 BRUSSELS

Upcoming agenda:
14.12.2017 | 18:00 : Apéritif + Karbon’, Baumans-Deffet et B-architecten
21.12.2017 | 18:30 : Landinzicht (tbc), URA (tbc) & VERS.A
11.01.2018 | 18:30 : K2A, B612associates & Pierre Blondel Architectes
18.01.2018 | 18:30 : AgwA, BAUKUNST & a practice (tbc)

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