Oana Bogdan @ Venice Architecture Biennale – 2020

2038, The New Serenity: Germany at the Venice Architecture Biennale 2020

Oana Bogdan is part of the international interdisciplinary group 2038 which represents Germany at the 17th International Architecture Biennale, with an exhibition that looks to the future as if it were already in the past:

“Today, in the year 2038, we have mastered the great crises. It was close, but we made it. The global economic and ecological disasters of the 2020s brought people, states, institutions and companies together. They committed themselves to fundamental rights and jointly created self-sustaining systems on a universal basis, giving decentralized local structures the space to maintain their individual way of living. Architects were part of the solution because they had answers instead of coming up with more questions.”

The group includes architects, artists, an ecologist, an economist, scientists, politicians and writers.

Oana Bogdan was featured in the newspaper that comes along with the Biennale. Find out more about it here.

Date: August 2020