Oana Bogdan @ participatory evening one.brussels – 2021

On Thursday the 18th of November, Oana Bogdan was invited by the citizen participation platform one.brussels – Vooruit met Brussel to give a pitch to trigger the discussion with committed Brussels citizens, experts and policymakers about two central themes: the forthcoming reform of the state and cities and the maintenance of affordable housing in Brussels.

One.brussels believes that a well-organised city is much more social and sustainable for all its inhabitants. The living environment of the inhabitants of Brussels plays a central role in this. What works well in Brussels and where can it be improved? How would you organise Brussels? What examples and experiences should we include in the reform of Belgium and Brussels? And how can we keep Brussels affordable for all Brussels inhabitants?

Join us at the on and help solve the puzzle to create an ideal Brussels, here is the full programme:

• 18.30: Reception
• 19.30: Intro ideal.brussels with State Secretary Pascal Smet and moderator AIMEE-FIDELE MUKUNDE
• 19.50: ideal.brussels – state reform with economist #PhilippeVanParijs and Brussels MP Els Rochette
• 20.30: Intermezzo
• 20.40: ideal.brussels – affordable living in Brussels with Oana Bogdan and Brussels MP Ahidar Fouad
• 21.30: Drinks with music by Otto Kint

Places are free but limited, register through this link.

Date and location:
Thursday 18 November, from 18h30 to 21h30
FIRM Artlab, Av. Firmin Lecharlier 143, 1090 Jette

Date: 16.11.2021