Oana Bogdan member of the council of BVA – 2021

Oana Bogdan is member of the council of BVA (Professional Association of Architects), Belgium.

The Professional Association of Architects aims to strengthen and connect architects who take to heart the social importance of architecture within a sustainable society.

BVA plays a crucial role in creating a professional framework for the architect as a pivotal figure within this changing social context. BVA strengthens architects by looking after their interests within a broad social field of vision, both at home and abroad. This involves following up and steering government policy, making architecture discussable within society, but also actions that support the individual professional interests of members. BVA connects architects by focusing on the organisation of networks, local or otherwise. These networks deal with specific themes that are of interest to them. BVA acts as a platform with the intention of distributing information and support. In addition, BVA draws on the collective strength of its members in order to shape its interest representation in a broad and supported manner. Collegiality and knowledge sharing among members, but also with colleagues and organisations abroad, are important sources of inspiration.

Date: 03.2021