Oana Bogdan in Ruimte – 2023

What about social justice in Flanders, if you look at our spatial policy visions and instruments? If you take a close look at our spatial planning today, you will quickly notice that in that field, values such as inclusiveness, general welbeing and social equality are often just a distant dream. We are not only talking about the implications of the building boom, but also about the general accessibility of healthy food supplies, mobility and affordable housing, temporary housing facilities for people on the run, climate adaptation and the thorny question of the legitimacy of private land ownership.”

In the latest issue of Flemish magazine of Vlaamse Vereniging voor Ruimte en Planning (VRP): Ruimte, Oana Bogdan talks about ‘socially just building shift’ in an article entitled ‘Land hervorming : Van bouwshift naar cultuurshift’.

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Date: 17.05.2023