Oana Bogdan is president of the “Good Living” expert commission – 2021

“Brussels State Secretary for Town Planning Pascal Smet announced three weeks ago that he was working on a thorough reform of urban planning regulations under the name “Good Living”. It should become an ambitious framework to make all Brussels buildings, streets and squares future-proof; the guiding principle in the further transition of Brussels to a city on a human scale.”

This expert commission will be chaired by Oana Bogdan and composed of members selected on the basis of their competencies, expertise and experience in planning, architecture, heritage, landscaping fields with a specific focus on the environmental, social and legal aspects related to these matters. The 12 members are: Oana Bogdan, Benoît Moritz, Jens Aerts, Anne Ledroit, Sven Grooten, Hélène Rillaerts, Luc Eeckhout, Thierry Baneton, Pierre-Alain Franck, Vanessa Mosquera, Katelijne Franssens & Kristiaan Borret. This commission will lead the way to ambitious urban development regulations with one main goal of improving the quality of life of all Brusselers.

Read more about the ‘Good Living’ expert commission here.

Date: 01.04.2021