Leo Van Broeck interviewed by The Grandparents for the Climate – 2020

Leo Van Broeck is one of the passionate ambassadors of “The Grandparents for the Climate“.

The Grandparents for the Climate” had an extensive chat with ex-Vlaams Bouwmeester Leo Van Broeck: an enthusiastic speaker, especially when it comes to spatial planning, nature and climate. So there were plenty of ideas. ′′ I just want to share my panic with as many people as possible.

The youngsters give me hope. They also have the right to speak. They get a polluted, extinction, heated dump as a legacy. I wouldn’t accept that either (emotional) I still feel like the teenager who keeps watching the legate that leaves our kind behind for the next generations from the position of a child. Every other species in nature takes care of itself by taking care of its offspring. Not us.”

Click on and read the full article “Elke soort zorgt voor zijn nakomelingen. Wij niet – interview Leo Van Broeck” here.

Date: 14.09.2020