Leo Van Broeck is interviewed by the Belgian newspaper De Tijd, concerning land-use and density in Flanders, following the study that was commissioned to BOGDAN & VAN BROECK by Ruimte Vlaanderen on the vision of future spatial planning in Flanders.

The report for the Flemish government, called “Expertenadvies sensibilisering bouwcultuur en ruimtelijk rendement”, consists of an in-depth analysis of the current situation, marked by the absence of a sustainable long-term vision. Both causes (anthropocentric thinking, weak urban traditions, the tolerance towards the current state, the wrong focus of urban regulations, often prohibiting densification, etc.) and consequences (loss of true nature and ecosystems, costs for Flanders’ society, lack of urban quality, etc.) are discussed, to conclude with suggestions to evoke a highly needed change in the perspectives and goals for 2050.

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