Gangen live! – 2023

Our Dutch neighbours are on an ambitious journey! To keep up with growing population trends, they need to build a staggering one million new homes by 2030. But without a smart plan, Dutch urban edges could unintentionally sprawl into each other, transforming the vital green spaces into cluttered landscapes devoid of any biodiversity.

Teaming up with Synchroon and Flux, we’ve come up with a creative solution called ‘Gangen.’ This concept reimagines the urban edges and the inter-city spaces. It’s an integrated approach addressing pressing issues like biodiversity, climate, and landscape, while also paving the way for unique residential environments.

The result? A new urban model where landscape conservation and housing development go hand in hand. Want to find out more? Hop on over to the website or download the book to join us in this exciting research!

Project team: Synchroon, Flux &bogdan

Date: 08.06.2023