The Cosmopolitan@ Flemish Architecture Institute – 2022

Robust Open Buildings for the Future

How can architects, engineers, developers, contractors and governments contribute to the creation of long-term value? In order to answer this question, BULK architects have selected eleven different buildings in Flanders, Brussels and the Netherlands in which the structure can support changes in interpretation and use over time for the exhibition Construct and for the publication Robust Open Buildings for the Future. The Cosmopolitan was one of them. 

Next to the eleven buildings, the publication features the insights of a debate in which Oana Bogdan was involved and the full research by BULK architects. It shows the value of robust open buildings that embrace excess and allow for flexible infill and makes a contribution to the rapprochement between architecture, structure and sustainability. 

The publication Robust Open Buildings for the Future is available for sale at the Flemish Architecture Institute. 

Date: 30.04.2022