COOP published in World Architecture Magazine – 2021

We are proud that COOP is featured in the January IUPA issue of the World Architecture Magazine! 

Our project COOP was shortlisted for the International Urban Project Award 2020. Each year the IUPA recognizes outstanding urban and architectural works contributing to public space that empowers the city and its citizens. The International Urban Project Award 2020 is presented by Bauwelt Magazine, Berlin, and WA World Architecture Magazine, Beijing. The World Architecture Magazine is a Chinese architectural magazine with a global vision founded in 1980.

Jury Statement: How to evaluate the success of the renovation of an old factory? COOP provides us with a multifactorial reference. In addition to the change in the exterior of the building, which brings a new symbol of vitality to the canal, the translation of the past and the future in the interior interpretation centre asserts the cultural significance of the project. The planning of the incubator also attempts to address certain social issues and support the economic balance of the project. On a larger scale, the project is part of an urban regeneration plan that requires the balance between the desire for public investment, the aspirations of community residents, and the needs of urban development. The exploration and effort involved in the process is also a noteworthy part of the project.

Date: 11.02.2021