Cohousing Bijgaardehof is in use! – 2022

Cohousing Bijgaardehof is in use!

Close to the centre of Ghent, BOGDAN & VAN BROECK transformed an abandoned factory site into a flourishing community including three cohousing groups (BiotopeDe Spore, Wijgaard) with 59 dwellings, a neighbourhood health centre (Wijkgezondheidscentrum St. Amandsberg), a network of collective indoor and outdoor spaces and a workshop with a view of Bijgaardepark. With great commitment from the urban development company sogent and the city of Ghent and a thorough participatory process, Bijgaardehof focuses on sustainability. An ambitious, mixed programme organised around meeting and interaction for one of the largest cohousing projects in Flanders. An excellent opportunity for BOGDAN & VAN BROECK to reinforce its ambitions and vision of the spatial conditions for collective living in the city.

The project was completed together with a great design team composed of NEY & Partners, VK Architects & Engineers, LAND landschapsarchitecten, Daidalos-Peutz, and the support of sogent.

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Date: 09.06.2022