Cente Van Hout in De Standaard on energry norms – 2024

Recent discussions surrounding the new energy standards (EPB/EPC) in Flanders overlook crucial aspects essential for achieving a carbon-neutral and sustainable future for both existing and new buildings. According to Cente Van Hout, project architect at &bogdan, highlighted in DeStandaard, the focus on energy efficiency must extend beyond merely relying on technology and insulation. Instead, it should prioritise spatial design principles that consider the urban environment, location, and incorporate low-tech solutions.

Cente advocates for a shift in mindset towards reevaluating our comfort and living standards. He emphasises that this reevaluation should not be solely driven by the goal of reducing energy consumption but should also aim to enhance spatial qualities. By acknowledging that slight adjustments, such as lowering the average indoor temperature from 23 to 19°C, can open up new design opportunities, he suggests a balanced approach that harmonises spatial and thermal comfort. This perspective underscores the importance of integrating architectural innovation with energy efficiency measures to create buildings that not only consume less energy but also offer improved living environments.

Date: 29.02.2024