Building permit Belgrade received! – 2021

We are delighted to announce that we have received the building permit for our housing project Belgrade situated in Forest, Brussels. The project is a complete reconversion of the famous Cinzano offices into 12 social housing units and a polyvalent neighbourhood space.

As you can see, we changed a few things to stay more true to the core values of the original design and set the bar on sustainability even higher. The building is now entirely renovated in wood, from the structure to the façade. Since the most sustainable material is the one you don’t produce, our client, the commune of Forest, decided to push the envelope on circularity. Together with RotorDC, we’ve identified a whole range of assemblies where we’ll aim at using only recycled materials, all the way from doorknobs to the entire façade. Quite a challenge!

De gustibus et coloribus…but in case it wasn’t clear already, we’ve made the building green, literally. A neutral and welcoming colour that will help us have better control of the weathering and patina of the reused wood. The façade will also welcome birds, in nests for a variety of native swallows. A perfect home for them and more chirping for us, always a win-win!

Date: 23.11.2021