BOGDAN & VAN BROECK @ Romanian Design Week – 2020

Our projects The Cosmopolitan and Urbanity and Confinement are featured in this year’s Romanian Design Week 2020, an event presented by The Institute and UniCredit Bank. This year’s event is taking place between 11-20 September in Bucharest, Romania

The Romanian Design Week is a 10 days festival that promotes design as a pad for cultural, social and economical growth. This year’s special edition is articulated around the theme of “Change” and showcases the essential role of design in envisioning a better future. It investigates the processes and contexts that generate change, question the role of designers in a circular economy and present innovative projects, materials and processes, but also the most relevant examples of experimental, conceptual and inclusive design.

Head over to the exhibition “Possible Realities” (located in Senat) to see our project The Cosmopolitan and to the exhibition “Antifragile” (located inGaleria Sector 1) for our Urbanity & Confinement project. More information about the event here:

Romanian Design Week 2020
The Institute
104-106, Stirbei Voda, Bucharest

Date: 16.09.2020