BOGDAN & VAN BROECK at A.WEEK Brussels 13-20.10

BOGDAN & VAN BROECK is participating in the first edition of A.WEEK, an initiative of the state secretary of urbanism, Rachid Madrane. From 13th until 20th of October (in between the Dag van de Architectuur and the Journée de l’Architecture), Brussels will focus on architecture in a number of ways: visits to construction sites and completed projects, expositions of the not-winning entries for architectural competitions (Lost & Found), lectures by several architectural offices and open-doors at the Brussels Chief Architect Olivier Bastin and a dozen of architecture offices.

Curator Nikolas Firket on A.WEEK:
For its first edition A.WEEK wants to make a clear blueprint drawing of what contemporary architecture in Brussels should be and how it will look like in the future. In addition to a general theme and a moment of scattering A.WEEK also provides an overview of Architecture in Brussels, by the juxtaposition of ” evidence “.
A Week of Architecture is not just a meeting of all parties involved as well as a meeting between the architecture and its audience. A.WEEK is not just another ” conversation among architects ” but gives the public in a factual way, a look behind the scenes of the Brussels architecture. Since the Week of Architecture is a new player in the game, A.WEEK provides the ability to create links between communities and institutions and a bridge between architecture and its audience. All perspectives for grabs for architects, the public, the architecture and its future in Brussels.

On the list of our office’s contribution to A.WEEK:
– the exhibition of 3 not-winning entries for architecture competitions: a housing project in Vorst, the Brussels courthouse contest and the project Porte de Tervueren. Sunday 13th of October, 13h-22h, at the pavillion of A.Week, rue Ravensteinstraat 15, 1000 Brussels
– lecture of Oana Bogdan, founding partner of BOGDAN & VAN BROECK, on Wednesday’s lecture marathon, together with 51N4EARTER and MDW. Lectures from 19h-21h, at the pavillion of A.Week, rue Ravensteinstraat 15, 1000 Brussels.
– open-doors at our office, on Friday 18th of October.
– open-doors at VUB U-Residence, on Saturday 19th of October.

During the A.WEEK in Brussels, Oana Bogdan was invited to give a lecture at Bozar. The presentation consisted of a tour of some of the projects from the office that are directly situated in Brussels – watch Oana’s guided tour above, or directly on Vimeo.