AMAL in De Standaard – 2022

Find out why Koen Van Synghel is laying the link between our project and Rem Koolhaas’ analysis of The Downtown Athletic Club in De Standaard, 4 October 2022: ‘With the new Amal Amjahid centre in Molenbeek, the architects at BOGDAN & VAN BROECK have been allowed to do the same exercise on a smaller scale. Under one roof they stacked a sports hall, a floor for a boxing club and a crèche with one housing unit. (…) The new building makes people dream of more, as it very naturally combines sports with childcare. Moreover the so-called Reuzengalerij creates a bridge between the front facade on the Canal and the rear facade on Rue des Ateliers. But in fact there is no front or back facade, both are equivalent.’

Date: 11.10.2022